Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Serving Nashville Waterbed lovers since 2004

Choose Snooze City over the giant faceless online sellers IF you would prefer to get expert advice from someone who has sold more waterbeds--face to face-- over the last 30 years than most any anyone alive today! I'll give you the straight story and provide quality products at a fair price.  I have learned where to find true value in this industry over the last 30 years. I won't be the cheapest but I will be the best! I'm semi-retired now, and taking life easy, but I can still help you get a great night's sleep! 

Hello and welcome! The team at Snooze City Waterbeds has served Waterbed Lovers in the greater Nashville area for over fifteen years (and before that at Wonderful Waterbeds)

WE NO LONGER HAVE A SHOWROOM (the store in the cool photo is now closed)   BUT WAIT! 

NOT DEAD YET! We can still provide much of your waterbed needs, AND can now do so at lower prices than what we had to charge in our store (because we no longer have to pay for a store!)  Call Bill @ 615-731-9995 and Press 0 when prompted to ring through during business hours and go to voice mail after hours or when I can't get to the phone in time. I WILL call you back. 

We can provide replacement mattresses, heaters, liners, sheets, accessories and COMPLETE NEW SOFTSIDE WATERBEDS--at new low prices--- delivered to your door. We can arrange professional installation and service.  Unfortunately the original Hardside frames are no longer available from any source/any price that I can recommend. But we can provide what you need to keep your existing waterbed frame sleeping wonderfully for years to come.